Michael’s savory seitan VEGAN WHEAT MEAT

Made locally in small batches Tempi Foods Seitan (say-tan) may be used in a wide range of cooking styles as a healthy alternative to meat. The basic product has a neutral flavor. Preparation and flavoring will provide many choices to enjoy in various tastes and textures. Seitan has been a part of ancient culinary traditions of Asia for centuries and was originally developed by Chinese Buddhist monks.

Seitan contains complex carbohydrates mat raise body metabolism, while providing a good source of protein. Michael’s Savory Seitan is All Natural and does NOT contain the following: No Dairy. Animal Origin. Refined Sugars, Preservatives. Artificial Coloring, Honey. Trans Fat. Cholesterol, and is Low Sodium, making it the perfect choice for a meatless diet. Templ Foods Seitan is Certified Kosher.